Mini Danish Box

Mixture of sweet and fruity freshly baked danish for sharing.

21 assorted pieces per box
RM 70.00 excl tax

Specially made for your corporate and office meetings and gatherings, with easy serving (and recycable) tray.

21 assorted pieces per box. Suitable for 5-8 persons

This catering box comes with:

  • Mini Apple Danish x 5pcs
    (danish dough, custard, apple filling, walnut crumble, egg wash)
  • Mini Pandan Kaya Danish x 6pcs
    (danish dough, pandan kaya, egg wash)
  • Mini Mango Danish x 5pcs
    (danish dough, custard, fresh mango cube, coconut flakes, egg wash)
  • Mini Cheese Pudding Danish x 5pcs
    (danish dough, cheese pudding, cheddar cheese, egg wash)

Serviettes will be provided together with this catering box.

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