Plain Baguette

Perfect with garlic butter!
RM 6.50 excl tax
Ingredients Bread flour, yeast, water, cake flour, salt, yeast, biga
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country bread

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Garlic Butter Bun

Sold in 6s
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Cheese Pudding Twist

Sold in 6s. Cheesy creamy danish, delicious at every bite.
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Tuna Mayo Sandwich (To-Go)

Tuna flakes in brine, mixed with mayonnaise, sliced mushrooms and onions. Sandwiched in our wholemeal bread with tomatoes and baby romaine.
RM 9.00 excl tax

Shrimp Cocktail Sandwich (To-Go)

Seafood lovers rejoice! Mixture of prawns, baby romaine, cucumber, crabstick and mayonnaise makes this a refreshing wholemeal sandwich for lunch.
RM 12.00 excl tax