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The fragrant coconut milk rice served with delicious condiments. Malaysian food at its best, served with Chicken Rendang.
RM 20.50 incl tax
Crispy tortilla with grilled chicken, served with sour cream and barbeque sauce
RM 18.00 incl tax
Aromatic coconut milk-based sauce filled with chicken, fresh basil, eggplant, red chilli, cucumber and tomato. Serve with fresh side salad to complement the dish!
RM 22.00 incl tax
A harmony of aromatic lemongrass-infused chicken, paired with rice and complemented by a refreshing side salad.
RM 21.00 incl tax
Tender and juicy chicken is coated with a creamy buttermilk sauce infused with the delightful aroma of curry leaves. best serve with herbed rice accompanied with fresh side salad ready to fill up your tummy.
RM 21.00 incl tax
Delicious and satisfying our plant-based Unagi on top of Japanese rice. Drizzled with rich teriyaki sauce and garnished with fresh vegetables, a sprinkle of sesame, and a hint of spring onion.

Please note this item need to pre-order 2days ahead
RM 20.00 incl tax