Transforming our classic butter croissants into adorable mini-sized delights! Comes with four delightful fillings.

20 assorted pieces per box
RM 118.00 incl tax
Enjoy a variety of mini cakes including mini brownies, mini banana pound cake, mini mixed fruits pound cake, mini New York cheese cake and mini carrot moist cake – all in one box! Let our delicious cakes bring a taste of joy to your next event or gathering. Our Mini Cakes Catering Box is a great way to create lasting memories and treat your guests with delightful desserts.

30 pieces per catering box
RM 135.00 incl tax
Purely handmade choux pastry topped with delicious flavours on top and creamy fillings inside. Fresh and perfectly baked. Yum! 21 assorted pieces per catering box
RM 115.00 incl tax
Perfect treat for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, and more!

24 pieces per catering box.
RM 120.00 incl tax
Get ready for the ultimate indulgence with Tedboy Personal Box! Our customised individual premium boxes are filled with delicious baked delicacies, such as cakes, pastries, sweets and savouries. Whether you're planning a special event or just looking for a treat, our delectable selection will give you an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the convenience of having your own personal catering box and savour the taste of luxury. Dare to be different and order your Tedboy Personal Box today!
RM 24.00 incl tax
The fragrant coconut milk rice served with delicious condiments. Malaysian food at its best, served with Chicken Rendang.
RM 20.50 incl tax
Lovingly cared for starter dough, fermented over 24 hours before baking. We've handled with it with care. Next Day Delivery onwards.
RM 20.00 incl tax
Velvety smooth hazelnut praline with a hint of salt, between luxuriously moist Valrhona chocolate cake

Available in 2 sizes:
Approximately 850g for 6inch cake
Approximately 1.5kg for 8inch cake [pre-order 3days]
RM 80.00 incl tax
Homemade classic tomato salsa with melted cheese on toasted bruschetta slices, perfect as an appetiser

20 assorted pieces per box. Suitable for 5-6 persons
RM 105.00 incl tax
RM 16.00 incl tax
Endless buttery layers between the croissant's creating the soft texture. A great breakfast treat! Min qty is 6pcs.
RM 6.50 incl tax
Our delicious selection of truffle mushrooms and tomatoes in bite-sized canape served on mini tartlets, are made with delectable truffle mushrooms cream, and tomatoes olive sprinkled with capers for an extra special taste. Perfect for any occasion - from intimate dinner parties to large events!

32 pieces per catering box. Suitable for 5-6pax
RM 115.00 incl tax