Sourdough (850g)

This improved version of sourdough goes through 24 hours of fermentation before baking. It is sour, crunchy and tasty.

Available only for next-day delivery.
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During MCO, our chef work on improving our sourdough taste & texture. Here we present to you, an improved version of our sourdough. A combination of our sourdough starter and no less than 24 hours of fermentation before baking, definitely add more taste and depth to this  sourdough. To summarised, it is now more sour, crunchier, and tastier than before. 

On top of that, this improved version weigh 850g while the previous version was 650g. We still maintain the price at RM10 only. Hope you enjoy the effort our chef and bakers put in to bring you a tastier Sourdough. 

Ingredients: Flour, wild yeast sourdough starter, salt & water.

Available only for next-day delivery.

Ingredients Bread flour, yeast, water, cake flour, salt, sourdough starter
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