Boxing Day at Tedboy

Boxing Day

We love rewarding our customers! In conjunction with Boxing Day, we thought we'd jump on the bandwagon and have our very own Boxing Day too! So we gave our customers a chance to grab all the buns and danishes they love from Tedboy today, from 8pm-9pm. Here was how:

STEP 1: Be at Tedboy Bakery, Bangsar 10 minutes before 8pm
STEP 2: Buy a box at RM10 (limited to 1 box per customer).
STEP 3: Walk around the shelves to survey and strategise how and what to pack into your box.
    Items applicable for the offer will be marked with a little 'gift' icon.
STEP 4: When ready, stuff your box with all the goodies you love from 8-9pm.
STEP 5: Carefully balance all goodies in your box as no paper bag will be given to aid your bursting box.
STEP 6: Share your 'awesome feat' and all the goodies with your loved ones.

WARNING! Tedboy is strongly against wastage. Any items that fall out of your box onto the floor -
the item will be charged at full price. And no, quickly stuffing it into your mouth does not help.

At the end of the day, what we got in return was a whole lotta happy faces! See how everyone creatively stacked all their favourite buns and pastries into and onto a small box, with the help of friends and family!

Boxing Day



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