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Cows on Strike? 🐄🐄🐄
Cows on Strike? 🐄🐄🐄

If you are a frequent visitor to local bakeries, have you noticed that some cakes and pastries have increased in price? You are not imagining things! Indeed one of baked products' core ingredients is lacking in supply hence the price hike, even more so as we enter the holiday season!

Is Matcha Really Healthy?

What we are talking about is… Matcha! The most talked about and can be made into (almost!) everything such as cakes, pastries and delicious beverages. But what is Matcha? Is it the same as green tea we drink everyday?

Not your average Vanilla

Baker's first lover, Vanilla. Everything goes well with Vanilla. It is the most basic ingredient in baking and cooking. One drop of vanilla extract, here. One drop of vanilla extract there. Voila! A beautiful dish.
Gluten Free Delight

We at Tedboy constantly receive inquiries and suggestions that we should be making gluten-free products (bread and cakes) as there are customers who are gluten intolerant, or know someone who is on a gluten-free diet. So what is this about? Is it an allergy or just a preference in their daily diet?
Tips To Combat Haze

The air pollution index in Malaysia is on a rise, especially our biggest city in Kuala Lumpur, we all need to stay hydrated and healthy to beat the haze recently. Hence, we have marked down 7 tips for you to protect yourself from toxic air during the hazy days!
Top 5 Kitchen Gadget That You Need In Your Life

Many of us try to eat healthy and make our own meals everyday to save some ringgits. Preparation is tedious and time-consuming, so here is some kitchen tools that we highly recommend to prep your meals fast, and also make it look appealing to be able to be on your instagram post!
Wholemeal, wholegrain or wholewheat?

We get confused with the terms wholemeal, wholegrain and wholewheat. So are they are the same? Or are they all different? Which one is better than the other? Which one is healthier? Find out more in this article.
Major Benefits of Ginger For Your Body

Did you know that ginger is most commonly used as part of dietary, medicinal and weight loss purposes? Not only it is a popular cooking ingredient, there are many benefits of consuming ginger in your diet.