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Crazy 'Bout Avocado

Do you know that there are many kinds of avocados? The most popular ones that we usually have is Hass Avocado, an alligator pear due to pear-shaped and green bumpy skin (like an alligator). Only the yellow-green flesh is eaten the rest (skin and seed) are discarded.
Top 5 Ways to Enjoy German Rye

Rye bread isn’t a very popular choice among Malaysians, as we are so used to commercial white bread or wholemeal loaves bought from supermarkets. If it is your first time trying rye bread, you may find it unpleasant due to its strong flavour. Find out how to enjoy rye bread in delicious ways!
Sourdough Your Life
It is not a cultural norm for Malaysians to enjoy European bread as we are so used to our Asian delicious biscuits that bread is not (yet) a staple food (because, you know that rice is). Sourdough is basically made with basic ingredients of flour, water, sourdough culture and salt; naturally fermenting the dough (in short: bacteria + yeast), hence it has a mildly sour taste to it.
3 Ways to Enjoy Croissant
Tedboy Bakery bakes one of the most amazing croissants you will ever taste. We use perfectly natural ingredients, all handmade by our group of dedicated bakers. Find out how to enjoy our croissants anywhere, anytime!
Tedboy’s Homemade Pizza sauce
Our delicious pizzas are not made by spreading store bought tomato purée onto the kneaded pizza dough. We actually made our pizza sauces from scratch! With a few added ingredients (we are all for natural and no MSG products), it can bring your pizza sauce to the next level!