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About Breast Cancer

Do you know what is breast cancer and how does it affect you? Breast cancer is the main causes of death among women, and it is more common in women than men. Yes, breast cancer does affect men as well, just at a lower percentage rate. About 1 in 20 women are at risk for breast cancer.
Recycling - Malaysia Still Light Years Away

As we approach Earth Day celebration on 22 April 2018, I took some time to read up about the topic of environmental issues and recycling in Malaysia. According to a write up on The Star Online, there is low awareness of recycling amongst Malaysian. In my opinion, separating organic matter from the waste could take another 10 years to materialize!
IWD: Press For Progress

Last year 2017, individuals and organisations were encourages to #BeBoldForChange by taking ground breaking action that truly drives the greatest change for women. Following IWD, the theme for 2018 is #PressForProgress, where we promote and support accelerating gender parity. International Women’s Day takes place every March 8th, and this year, we dedicate the entire month of March 2018 to women!
The Love For Books

Electronic books, or ebooks, are more portable than their paper siblings, and capable of being carried in hundreds on a single electronic device. Thousands more are just a click away. It can be debated that ebooks are more robust than paper books: an ebook reader can be stolen or dropped in the bath, but the books in it are stored safely in the Cloud, waiting to be downloaded onto a new device, just like our thousand of contacts in mobile phone. Who else remembers the good old days of writing down phone numbers in a little book, to be referenced daily, flipping through the pages? Just us?
Our Mission with Charitable Organisations

Our founders, Edward and Patrina, are both blessed with a kind soul and have a heart of giving. We have never turned down an opportunity to give back to our society, and we all have a soft heart for the poor, the needy and especially children. Why? Because Tedboy Bakery is built from a foundation of love of a wonderful family with, and for their children.
Global Movement Against Hunger and Poverty
When camp leaders of 30-Hour Famine approached Tedboy Bakery, as a place that serves wholesome nutritious and healthy food, to provide food to the participants of this global movement, we are all for it! This event ties with Tedboy’s believe that a piece of bread can be so much more than just a piece of bread. HUNGER MUST GO.
Recycling For A Better Cause
Recently the government has implemented a good move to promote recycling nationwide, whether commercial or residential areas. Most Malaysians still have some questions in their head on why and how to recycle, what to recycle and on waste separation. Here are some simple answers.
Unsold Bread - Where do they go?
Ti-Ratana Welfare Home was where I celebrated my birthday a year earlier. Fulfilling the wish list for the lovely kids (school shoes and uniforms) and old folks (Milo and biscuits), sharing my happiness with them on my special day was a great moment in my life.