Bread Tasting Session

While fussing about the furniture, machinery, piping and other nitty-gritty such as drainage..and yes, grease traps! The most important thing for a bakery is what goes on the shelves and into the menu.

After many rounds of trial and error, we have shortlisted bread, danishes and sandwiches which we really liked
and invited our friends and family to try them as well. Looks aside, we want firstly make the yummiest bread
before we make them the prettiest.

A very big thank you to Ibrahim A Wahid, Arlyne Low, Tan Shi Yun, Howard Lee, Benny Ooi, Eric Low, Yi Ling, John Fai, Tan Ying Ying, Sylvia Suhardi, CheeFen Wee, Siau Ying, Thila Chandran, Steven Tan, Daniel Goh, Aneel Raj, Daniel Pang, Esther Lee, Toi Tee Yau, Lih Bin, Charng Bin Ngoo, Dyna SH, Irwan Yusof, Azmi Ashari, Adi Wong, Ashley Loong and Shotoh Yihher for your time and honest opinions.

Oven-fresh loaves. Now this place smells like a bakery.

Tasting Session
Among the many varieties of loaf bread our chefs made.

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