Building Tedboy Express

We've found a cozy little spot tucked in the corner of The Sphere in Bangsar South to call 'home' to our second Tedboy outlet!

In a place surrounded with offices, we want our 2nd Tedboy to keep up with you busy people, on a 'grab and go' concept. Our very excited team of chefs and kitchen hands are already working on healthy and yummy sandwiches to pair with the Italian coffee and the selection of teas we have.

We sat ourselves down today to think of a name for this new 'baby' Among the many names we had in mind was 'Tedboy Grab & Go', 'Tedboy On The Go' 'Tedboy Quickie'. But at last, as we democratic people would do, it boiled down to...votes! And the votes favoured 'TEDBOY EXPRESS'!

New home to Tedboy Express
Tucked in a little corner of Bangsar South, this will be home to our new Tedboy Express. Still loads to do, but there's excitement in the air! 

Tedboy Express Tedboy Express
Installing fixtures and other equiptments...

Tedboy Express
...then in came the chairs and tables. Now, we're set!


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