Express Simple Gratitude Through Flowers

Express Simple Gratitude Through Flowers

Flowers are the simple kind of love. 

Until today, flowers can be sent to someone as a way to tell him or her ‘I love you’, as a simple gesture of kindness, as a thank you or as a way for communication.

Flowers always make the perfect gift. 

The art of giving flowers is something that has been encouraged in every culture. A fresh bunch of blooms has easily been one of the top choices for gifts to give for centuries and it is easy to see why. Any occasion is appropriate for giving flowers because they provide the perfect way to brighten someone’s day. 

The way flower bouquets are arranged, the colour and the types of bloom you give, all work together to convey multiple messages. It is amazing how much these messages can differ from flower-to-flower. 


Delivering Joy & Happiness To Your Doorstep With 50Gram

We have been seeing many of our customers sending birthday cakes, sweet and savoury desserts to their loved ones as a surprise. So why not add more surprises to the delivery? Flowers would be perfect for birthdays and anniversaries, so we partnered with 50Gram to deliver joy and happiness straight to your doorstep.

Who is 50Gram?

50Gram is well-known for their modernised bouquet designs with beautiful unconventional flowers as well as arrangement. We think they have an art of making simple bouquets look so beautiful, meaningful and perfect for any occasion.

How did it start?

It all started in 2015. The two brothers, Spring Wong and Titus Wong wanted to buy flowers for their lovely mother. They had a difficult time getting a bouquet of beautiful flowers due to limited designs available in the floral market during that period of time. 

Hence, they decided to break the norms, and established a whole new modern floral market with unique flower designs. And then it all began in 2016, when the founder and co-founder established 50Gram. 

Their vision is to provide a whole new experience in the gifting industry by building relationships with businesses and customers throughout Southeast Asia and to express simple gratitude through gifting.


Why did Tedboy choose flowers? 

We provide healthy wholesome food for families, individuals, and companies with transparency on ingredients of the products. We want our customers to feel joy whenever they receive our products. Not only that, we believe everyone loves receiving surprises and we want to allow our customers to give their loved ones more beyond sweet and savoury desserts. That was when we decided to have flowers to bring the gifting experience to another level.


Some happiness added to life could really make a real difference especially during these hard times, when everyone is stressed with the lockdown and pandemic. The power of your gifts would definitely lift someone’s mood today. 

Together with the brand, we aim to provide a whole new experience to our customers. 

Say I LOVE YOU through sweets, cakes and beautiful flowers!
Show your love and gratitude to someone special with TEDBOY. Place your order to surprise him or her today and let us do the rest. (Shhh, we will keep this secret for you, no worries!)

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