Made for Little Bosses, with Big Bosses in Mind

Do you have trouble finding kid’s friendly meals that are made the way you would back at home? Made from scratch, low sugar, low salt and none of those nasty additives, Tedboy's Kid's Menu is all that, in perfect size for your precious ones!

Our kid's menu is designed to appeal to children of all ages and with parents' concerns in mind. The menu contains a selection of yummy, wholesome dishes, which evoke feelings of nostalgia and look attractive on the plate. Perfectly portioned, with the right ingredients to help your kids grow; we are confident you will love the dishes as much as your kids do!

Mac n' Cheese
Mac n' Cheese: A soft and comforting mix of hot, melted cheese with pasta.

Mini Pancake Skewers
Mini Pancake Skewers: Warm pancake stacks sandwiched between banana, apricot, strawberry and blueberries, served with chocolate sauce and cream.

Spaghetti Meatballs: Yummylicious handmade chicken meatballs on top of wholesome spaghetti. (Ted’s favourite to be honest!)

Mini Burger
Mini Burger: Hand-pressed premium mini chicken or beef patties sandwiched between specially made mini buns, surrounded by a ring of chips. Ladies on diet, this small portion will be a delight to you! (If you pass off as being a kid of course!)

Toad in a Hole
Toad in a Hole: Heart shaped soft egg, nestled inside multigrain bread with smiley-faced heart toast dipper, slices of chicken sausage and side salad.

Tedboy’s kid’s menu. Made for little bosses, with big bosses in mind. Bring the little ones to Tedboy Bakery@Telawi, Bangsar today and try the menu out for yourself. Parents can finally enjoy their breakfast and coffee in peace again.


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