Not your average Vanilla


Baker's first love, Vanilla. Everything goes well with Vanilla. It is the most basic ingredient in baking and cooking. One drop of vanilla extract, here. One drop of vanilla extract there. Voila! A beautiful dish. 


So, what makes this vanilla pods different than the normal ones at our local markets? 
(To be honest, I was wondering of the same too and went on full research mode about it).
And, have you wonder why is it quite pricey? This is why.



It comes from an orchid. No joke. The flower from the orchids will only bloom for one day and it must be manually pollinated during morning and there's 1% chance that the flowers will be pollinated. To make sure there's a steady flow of the fruit, it must be hand-pollinated. Done by hand, this Queen is second only to Saffron as a rare spice.

What can you do with Vanilla Pods?  

  • Put it in a jar and make Vanilla Sugar.¬†
  • Infuse it in milk and make vanilla coffee. Or use the infused milk to make Vanilla Custard.
  • Want to up your dessert repertoire? Make a good old poaced pear or apples and serve it with ice creams.¬†¬†
  • Feel free to explore for more recipes online!


How to use Vanilla Pods? Any techniques?

  1. Hold the tip of the pod against the chopping board. Remember to use the dull side of the paring knife and scrape it out the beans from the pod. Move from the tip while holding it and scrape the entire length. 
  2. Use the seeds immediately once you scrape it off.

Thats it? Can I throw away the empty pod? 

No. Please don't throw it away. You can put it in a jar and make vanilla sugar or salt. Or, you can store in packaging of a ready to eat baked goods. Like granola bars or sugar cookies. Vanilla scented granola bars. I'd want that too. Yum!


Ready to give it a try? But you have no idea on where to get it?

We got you. You can purchase it on our website or purchase it at our selected outlets such as Tedboy Telawi, Bangsar and HQ Seksyen 51A. 3 pods or 10 pods. Every good purchase will create good dishes/baked goods. Go on, give it a try!


You can also watch this tutorial by Chef Jamie Oliver's on how to cook Vanilla Bean Custard with Vanilla Pods. Simple, good and and easy.


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