Official Opening of Tedboy

After 3 months of running business, it was time to get our friends and family together for a day of fun and laughter. Knowing the generosity of our guests, we decided to partner with Ti-Ratana Welfare Society to collect needy items for the home instead of receiving gifts and congratulatory flowers. Thank you everyone for popping by and for the generous donations! 

Our very DIY Invitation Card
We sent out our first very DIY invitation card at the start of our bakery journey.

And we had, a full house!

Thank you for all the flowers! They truly made the entire place bright and pretty.

On the inside, we had friends and family who were so kind to help us meet and serve our customers.

Our team doing their best!

Balloons for the children and frehsly baked buns which will be on our shelves daily.

Children having fun in the iPad Station.

Most importantly, the Ti-Ratana charity drive. All our sales of the day will go to aid the Ti-Ratana charitable foundations, including RM4580 collected from our customers and guests during the opening. A great big thank you to all of you who made this event a successful one.

And of course, a picture of us at the opening: Patrina, Ted Boy (The BIG Boss) & Edward.

We were also featured on The Malaysian Insider!



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