'Tis the season to be jolly!

HO! HO! HO! It’s the time of year again!

The season where people gather for Christmas. Celebrate the love of God and family to create memories that will last forever. The amazing thing is not only we are able to receive gifts, but we are able to share it with others!



‘Tis the season to share love with family and friends!

There is nothing better than sharing platters with your loved ones. Sharing platter is very popular during Christmas whereby families gather around the main table to pick up small portions of everything! Instead of stuffing your face with an individualized meal, small plates give everyone a chance to try something new while indulging in a conversation. Let’s create togetherness with your family! End it on a sweet note with our Signature Xmas Chocolate Hazelnut Log Cake or cute Jolly Merry cupcakes. We guarantee the children will be delighted!

Xmas Jolly Merry Cupcakes (box of 12/25s): https://www.tedboy.com/xmas2020-jolly-merry-cupcakes-box-of-12pcs


‘Tis the season to enjoy a cup of hot sweet drink!

It's the rainy season again. We need something to warm up our body. Why not a cup of Hazelnut Choco-mallow Latte? Definitely make you feel better under the cold weather. We guarantee you will fall in love with the marshmallows. They are light and fluffy. Taste the sweetness when it melts in your mouth! You will never go back to buying another coffee 😉



‘Tis the season to surprise!

Christmas is all about giving and sharing with those around us, but that sharing is not limited to people we love and care for. It is also for the people that are unfortunate in their lives. We should give out a helping hand to them. Surprise them with a practical gift for example, food, clothes, stationery, and etc. Make them feel special! This year, Tedboy is partnering with Shelter Homes to help sell their 40th anniversary calendar to raise funds to sustain their homes. It is sold per RM15 donation for 1 calendar and 100% of the funds goes directly to the home! (Tedboy takes no cut!) We are hoping through our platform’s reach, generous customers such as yourself can help make a big difference together!

Shop Now: https://www.tedboy.com/promotion


Christmas will be very different for most of us THIS YEAR…

It is a difficult time for the Tedboy team in 2020. Covid-19 really took everyone by storm and caused major destruction on the business “norm”. 

Through it all, we learnt to adapt and change rapidly. Big love to everyone in the team for the continuous help and support. Without each and everyone, Tedboy would not survive the storm! 💕 And without the Team, there is no Tedboy. Without the customers, there is no Tedboy. 

So essentially we are interconnected --> Our People:Tedboy:Customer

We are always here to serve our beloved customers, no matter rain or shine. Thank you for your love and support towards Tedboy. We are very grateful and happy to serve everyone daily and the Tedboy team always strives to do better! Please continue to support us! 


The pandemic has unleashed a new era of change in our lives. One more week to 2021. We are ready for it and we hope the best for you too. Let’s continue our fight against covid-19!


- Tedboy Team




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