Top 5 Kitchen Gadget That You Need In Your Life

We live in the time of age of busy lifestyle, juggling work-life balance, and also trying to have a healthy lifestyle. I believe many of us try to eat healthy and make our own meals everyday to save some ringgits. After a day, we get tired because the preparation is tedious, time-consuming, or that we somehow didn’t have enough time to do so. So here is some kitchen tools that we highly recommend for you to have to prep your meals fast, and also make it look appealing to be able to be on your instagram post with #healthyeating #homemade :

Number 1...

3-in-1 Egg Slicer 

This device is layered and three separate cutting layers to help you slice, wedge or halve food like boiled eggs, strawberries, mushrooms and more! It’s simple to use, easy to store away and clean. However it’s not susceptible with heat because the body of the device is plastic.

How to use it?
There are 3 layers of cutting style you can use: 1. Half your food. 2. Slice your food. 3. Cut into wedges.

Some ideas for your meal prep:

Cut fruits to mix into a salad or a bowl of oatmeal. Cereal has never looked better than this!

Make a sandwich with proportionately sliced eggs (it’s difficult to do with a knife!) So yummy, you can entice your friends to join your healthy eating club.

Number 2...

Corn Peeler

There are many devices dedicated to corn, however we will feature only one this time. This peeler slides over the corn cob and seamlessly extract those kernels for you (in a bowl-like holder!), so you can sprinkle ‘em in your fried rice, or have it like how you would at Nelson’s. It would save you tons of time as well as make your meal mess-free. Also healthier from eating from a can or frozen packs, this time you get to enjoy it from a fresh corn.

How to use it?
This device has blades inside, so all you need to do is to put your corn upright, slide the donut-looking device over your corn, and push the device down to the bottom. Your corn kernels will be collected in the holder with a small opening to pour our the contents.

Some ideas for your meal prep:

Fresh corns for your nasi goreng! Wah, berliur seeing this nasi

How about having it as a (healthy) pizza ingredient? A guilt-free pizza on pizza night.

The next gadget: Number 3...

Avocado Slicer

Yes, how we love avocados but sometimes we make a mess spooning out the seed and the slightly mushy flesh of this delicious and healthy fruit. It not only easily removes the seed, but also scrape all the remaining flesh from the skin! Think how much of the fruit that you are not wasting! How to use it? It has main 3 functions - to cut open the fruit, to pit the seed and then lastly to scoop the flesh.

Here is a video of how it works, demonstrated by Vivian:

Some ideas for your meal prep:

Guacamole. Enough said. Spread it like jam all over your favourite foods!

A mix of kiwi, pears and avocado for a thick delicious smoothie! This creamy texture will definitely fill your morning tummy up.

Number 4...

Multi-Vegetables Chopper

Slicing, dicing and chopping vegetables can be a pain, especially such like onions and odd-shape capsicums. With this gadget, just place the vegetable into the middle of the slicer and push the top down. Ta~Daaa~ Effortlessly and mess-free (definitely!) There are many versions of this device, and whichever it is, get one that you are most comfortable using.

How to use:
With several blade sizes and shapes, place the fruit you would like to cut onto the blade column. You can cut two vegetable at once, and it all goes into the see-through holder below (yes, you can see and measure the amount you want!)

Some ideas for a delicious meal prep:

Diced fruit or vegetables can be used as toppings. An easy way to refill toppings especially when you have guests in the house.

Make your own tacos. A simple meal with friends where they can make their own tacos with the available chopped ingredients!

And lastly, number 5...

Herb Scissors

A cheap and simple tool to cut up your herbs such as scallions, leeks and more. No more using a knife and having a hard time scooping the cut pieces from a wet chopping board. You can cut your herbs right into a bowl or pan, or immediately use as toppings for your dishes!

How to use it:
Idiot-free instruction: Use it as how you would use a normal scissors.

Some ideas to utilise this bangin’ gadget:

Asian cooking requires alot of herbs such as scallions, spring onions, leeks and more. So this has never been easier for porridges, soup noodleschicken soup or sprinkle over steamed fish.

Herbs like cilantro is great for health, and packs flavour. Make a pesto out of it.

So what are you waiting for?
Grab them at your favourite online stores now!