Appreciating Our Heroes with Uniqbe Group of Companies & Close Friends


During these uncertain times, the pandemic has truly pushed the world towards uncharted territories. From the initial feeling of shock when MCO took place to now being extended for 9 weeks (and counting), many of us have adopted the "New Norm", making use of what we have now to get through the day-to-day to flatten the curve of the virus. Staying home now for a prolonged period, the social distancing, frequent hand washing and face-mask wearing are the new habits we have picked up and hopefully continue in months to come.

That said, the biggest contributors towards the flattening of the curve in Malaysia lies with our frontliners. For months, they have been working tirelessly to keep the numbers of infected low and increase the numbers of healed cases. For that, we’d like to take a moment to thank all the frontliners working round the clock to help fight the virus. They are the heroes that are keeping Malaysia safe with the work that they do. 
When MCO first started, everyone will remember there was a shortage of commercial breads due to the surge in demand. Everyone started hoarding loaves! We heard that our front liners in Sungai Buloh hospital were not able to get hold of a simple loaf of bread to grab a quick 5 min break before they continue saving lives. As you know PPE is in shortage and they cannot afford to change in and out each time they sit down for a proper meal. 
Our conscience told us we HAD to do something. Despite an 80% collapse in our day-to-day business, we decided to donate daily supply of 50 bread loaves to them. We seek support from our partners to contribute raw ingredients and expedite packaging printing as we know that timing is crucial when we are in a disaster situation. Thanks to our industry partners' support, we managed to commit 2 weeks of bread donation to Hospital Sungai Buloh within 3 days of planning. 
Looking back, it was a dark moment as MCO was a big scary thing, the entire country went into standstill. Baby boomers generation were worried as they went through curfew before and thought it was going to be like those times. We persevered, convincing our team that we are doing it for the better good. As the good word spread, we had overwhelming support from the Uniqbe Group of companies and Tedboy's close friends who parted with their own money to support us. This meant we could extend the initiative until 28th April 2020, making it a month long daily initiative. 
Every single one of us is capable of being the game changer in this pandemic. By minimizing unnecessary going out, consciously distancing ourselves and maintaining personal hygiene we are already contributing. We've also seen people updating on social media after donating/adopting animals at Zoo Negara and sewing PPEs for the frontliners. Such initiative can actually influence the next person to do something good as well. Many sectors of industry have stepped in to contribute in their own ways such as the performing arts industry showcasing live music and free concerts, education industry providing free online learning links/tools for children stuck at home and many more. Such creative and genuine ways help to keep everyone mentally and physically healthy. 
Let's all hold each other up through these rough & tough times. There's plenty of ways to help from the comfort of our homes, as long as we open up our hearts to kindness and lessen the judgement. Seek to to understand, before to be understood.

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