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Sourdough Your Life
It is not a cultural norm for Malaysians to enjoy European bread as we are so used to our Asian delicious biscuits that bread is not (yet) a staple food (because, you know that rice is). Sourdough is basically made with basic ingredients of flour, water, sourdough culture and salt; naturally fermenting the dough (in short: bacteria + yeast), hence it has a mildly sour taste to it.
FatBaby in the House!
Unlike many dessert brands, FatBaby ice cream is 100% handmade from scratch with no artificial colours or flavouring, and absolutely no preservatives. Sharing this passion for all things au naturel makes FatBaby and Tedboy the perfect partners.
Michelle's Artisan Fruit Spread
Michelle’s Artisan Fruit Spread is made from all natural ingredients and contains all fruit. There are no artificial additives and no water is added in the cooking process. Handmade in small batches, our spreads are gently cooked in the fruit’s own natural juices to preserve the sweet aroma and texture.