Sourdough Your Life

Do you love sourdough?
We do too! (A lot, really)


It is not a cultural norm for Malaysians to enjoy European bread as we are so used to our Asian delicious biscuits that bread is not (yet) a staple food (because, you know that rice is). Sourdough is basically made with basic ingredients of flour, water, sourdough culture and salt; naturally fermenting the dough (in short: bacteria + yeast), hence it has a mildly sour taste to it. Over time, and introduction of good bread, we learn to accept and enjoy sourdough as well as other German and European delights.


The simplest way to eat sourdough is to have it on its own.

We call this the ‘classic toast.’ It makes the perfect breakfast meal as well as an appetiser before the main course. Slice a freshly baked bread - warm, crisp and with a crunchy crust, and have it with creamy butter. Our preference will be unsalted butter. Jam taste really good with sourdough too!


Sandwich it.

Be creative! Have tuna flakes on it, with a mayo. Scrambled eggs with lettuce. Deliciously homemade sun-dried tomatoes (we recommend Pittolo Private Kitchen’s products, yum!) Toast it with beef pepperoni and cheese, like a pizza sandwich. Go all vegan and have it with roasted aubergines and pesto. Whether it is an open or closed sandwich, sourdough is very flexible to serve (and eat)! We know we can never get tired or bored of it.  


Cheese it up.

How can you not like cheese? (Unless you are vegan, of course). Someone actually recommended blue cheese with fresh basil on lightly toasted sourdough slice! We. Could. Not. Resist! Look at that delightful piece(s) of YUMS. A must try for cheese and all-day breakfast lovers. Who knows you may be able to break out in a cheesy pick up line to brighten someone’s day?

If you need more recipes to bread-ify your life with sourdough, here are some ideas to incorporate these lovely slices (or the entire loaf, we don’t judge), into your cooking: http://www.foodandwine.com/blogs/5-ways-use-loaf-sourdough-bread



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