Cranberry Macaroon bars exclusively at Tedboy Bakery!

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our delicious new Cranberry Macaroon Bars!

Not to be confused with the round mini burger-like shaped French delights: macarons, macaroon bars are actually bar-like and less cake-like. After weeks of experimentation at our central kitchen, we finally mastered the recipe to baking tasty and highly addictive Cranberry Macaroon Bars!

Cranberry Macaroon Bar
Cranberry Macaroon Bar

Each bar has three layers of heavenly chewy bar indulgence. The top layer is chewy, made with egg whites, sugar, ground almond, and almond flakes. The middle layer is chocolate chips and dried cranberries. The bottom layer is a crunchy base made with butter, icing sugar, flour and cocoa powder.

Perfect as a breakfast bar on the go or a comforting afternoon snack, our Cranberry Macaroon bars are moist, light, chewy, chocolaty, nutty and tangy. The unique ‘sweet-tart’ flavour and ‘soft-crunch’ textural combination makes them seriously yummy!

They are lovely on their own or with a hot cup of Americano coffee. However, don’t take our word for it; come down to Tedboy Bakery @ Telawi, Bangsar or Tedboy Express @ The Sphere, Bangsar South and try one for yourself.

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