Our Team is Bursting with Creativity


Recently we have been flooded with enquiries and requests to use our venue as a private event space, to the point we are *almost* unable to keep up with our monthly posting for our blogs. We have been happy to be hosting birthday parties (both adults and children) within our outlets as well as on-site catering for corporate events and meetings. 

Customised toppers for the savoury and sweet finger foods


Our team has been working hard to make your events a successful one, and we are absolutely sure that you will not be disappointed with our services. Some of our team members have taken to liking of decorating the buffet spread area and wall, for birthday parties! 


As for our food, our kitchen crew and team of bakers put alot of hard work and show their creativity with different types of food and desserts, as well as amazing presentation. Even we, ourselves, are amazed with our team, bursting with energy and creativity! 

Fruit carving-our head chef decided it was time to show off his carving skills with this melon!

Tiramisu in shooter glasses and fruit poppers on a 3-tier cake stand!

Things to note when enquiring, so we can help you with suggesting choices and customising your package according to your needs and wants:
  • Date & Time of Event - with this, we can help you block off certain dates should your event be held in our outlets & to ensure the availability of our delivery team to your location
  • Location - knowing this, we are able to gauge the delivery time and also suggest different type of food, should the location be too far or required longer travelling distance
  • Budget & Expected Guests - this can help us plan and customised a menu package just for you, and we try our best to fit into your budget with the amount of expected guests
  • Types of Food - would you prefer a full wholesome meal? Or just finger food? Or only cakes and pastries? Knowing what kind of event that you are planning can help us suggest suitable dishes or bakery products to suit your guests.
So, what are you waiting for?

Email us at manager@tedboy.com to enquiry how we can help you make your events, parties or celebrations a successful one, with satisfied and happy guests!

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