Trick-or-treat! Ted's first Halloween experience

Halloween or Hallowe’en, is also known as All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints’ Eve. It is a celebration observed by a number of countries, mostly western Christians. There are many activities during the Halloween including, trick-or-treating, attending fun costume parties, pumpkin carvings (jack-o-lanterns), apple bobbing (have you experience this before?), divination games, pranks, scary story-telling and watching horror films.


Halloween is not widely celebrated in Asia or Malaysia for this matter. Most Malaysians do not know the real meaning to Halloween as we only associate it with fun costume parties (the day to play dress-up of all kinds) and sweets collection for kids! Each year, Tedboy Bakery makes Halloween cookies in cute-spooky designs and shapes, suitable for kids. All the children that visited the outlets also receive treats over the weekend from our pumpkin jar. See how happy they are!


As for Ted the boy, this year is his first Halloween party experience. It was conducted in a cosy residential area and everyone was all dressed up for the occasion (except Ted). The amount of effort put into decorating houses and gardens was amazing! The kids were delighted with the door-to-door sugar treats (to Asian parent’s horror!) and Mama Ted had to hide some sweets away, and reward the sweets to him another day.

The news about a 2-year old girl that dressed up as No Name from Spirited Away drew plenty of attention from netizens. Did you read or seen this?


Frankly, we think she looked super cute and on point! (in the spirit of Halloween of course!)


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