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What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

As a mother of three beautiful children, I truly value this Day as a day to celebrate myself for all the hard work I have put in since I started this motherhood journey more than 7 years ago.

Women don’t have it equal even until today in work and career, adding on the “Motherhood” cap, they become Superwoman as they juggle their work, life and family.

Why Superwoman? There are many challenges working moms faced in their workpplace , and not many women are blessed with flexibility at work hence they quit their careers to take full care of their family (based on this survey).

Being the backbone of the family, a mother’s duty never truly ends until the day she leaves the world. From the time a baby needs his/her mom to cuddle and feed, to the first day of school and until she turns 30 and (hopefully not!) still needs help with laundry.

Are you the son or daughter that is guilty of answering your Mom’s phone call with a short impatient tones of “Mmm, U-huh, Ya, Bye” ? Or even not responding to her text messages or invitations to dinners?

You have always been and will continue to be the apple of her eyes.

So don’t forget her. Send her a cake or give her a big hug this Mother’s Day. It’s all she needs to recharge her battery to serve her family for more years to come.

I truly hope Ted will not one day pick up my phone call with a “Hello. Ya. Ok. Bye”.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!

With Love,
Patrina, director of Tedboy

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