Brewed Coffee Anytime, Anywhere

Coffee, Tea or Me?

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In this case, The Herding Day!

This small enterprise is built by a team of young entrepreneurs who love coffee and tea, and want to drink these beverage anytime and anywhere! Not just any coffee or tea, their products sourced are from premium quality ingredients just like how you would get from a proper cafe barista.


At Tedboy, we stock some of their popular flavours of Coffee, Tea and even Herb. You can get them at most of our Tedboy outlets, stock availability may vary. Here, we would like to introduce you the products we are fond of: CoffeeBrewer, TeaBrewer and HerbBrewer.


The Coffee You’ll Come to Love

View the video here: https://www.theherdingday.com?wix-vod-video-id=961671b05119433c9a64ef72f6077a52&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-jlpatdpx#

What we like most about this CoffeeBrewer is that we get to brew our own quality coffee, that we usually get from pour-over filter coffee and French Press, all in a bag! Since we are addicted to coffee (duh, it’s essential to wake up every morning), we love the fact we can bring it anywhere with a hot water bottle and a cup, and then brew it ON THE SPOT. Yes, no joke, here.


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One of the reasons why we need coffee daily…


You can go hiking and camping, and still have freshly brewed coffee, as if you ordered from a talented barista.

You can be travelling overseas, and wanted your own taste of coffee compared to the hotel’s cafeteria beverages.

You can be at the beach, and still get to enjoy great coffee!


Why not right?


Heck, you can even have it in space! (Oklah, if the spacecraft allows..)


The Healthy Drinks

Teabrewer is made mostly of organic flower or fruit tea, which is a great idea to lose some of those weight, and mind you, it’s definitely fruity and delicious! Their teas are made of leaves, not shavings or remains of leaves. The whole tea leaf itself!


What more you can taste the fruit and the flavours of the teas. Each bag can be brewed about 2 times, and the bag is even recyclable!


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Like, hell yeah!


Herbbrewer is the newest product range to promote a healthier lifestyle, with healing herb drinks that even new mothers can enjoy. It’s all about optimising their health with Mother Nature. 100% natural and organic, the difference is not only visible, but also effective!


So, head to Tedboy outlets today and grab these delectable teas and coffees that you can brew anytime, at your convenience, wants and needs.


Only priced at RM12.


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