Top 5 Ways to Enjoy German Rye

Rye bread isn’t a very popular choice among Malaysians, as we are so used to commercial white bread or wholemeal loaves bought from supermarkets. If it is your first time trying rye bread, you may find it unpleasant due to its strong flavour.

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So, what is rye bread?

Rye bread is made of flour from rye grain. It’s typically denser and higher in fiber than bread made from wheat flour. Often, rye bread is darker in colour and stronger in flavour. Germans eat rye bread for breakfast; and in the old days, after a cooked meal at midday, they ate rye bread for supper too!

How do I enjoy rye bread? Let us go through the top 5 ways to enjoy rye bread.

The German Way

Germans have an unequal passion for traditional ryes. When you bite into the dense, delectable slice, you feel like you are eating something out-of-this-era (primeval). So as how Germans have their bread: Have it as it is with cold cuts such as cheese, ham and salami.

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The Celup Way

Someone recommended Krupnik, a soup made with barley and Eastern European beef. But, we say, your usual mamak sup daging or sup tulang works well too! Dip a slice of fresh rye, and soak it with your beef soup…

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The Western Way

Make a sandwich. But not your usual peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Have some class, shall we? Get some smoked meat, or fish (we recommend smoked salmon). Squeeze a dollop of cream cheese, and place a piece of smoked salmon on it, garnished with a pretty leaf. Then NOM IT IN ONE MOUTHFUL.

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The Burger Way

Sauté some yellow onions with your favourite meat and make a homemade patty. Then top it with your favourite (burger-like) toppings, with rye bread slices as burger buns! We promise you that it is gonna be even better than Burger King’s.

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The Reuben Way

Toast or grill your rye bread after having it filled it with meat, cheese and thousand island dressing. For a sour taste, add sauerkraut. For a more pedas taste, we recommend Sriracha Hot Sauce. Yums!

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