Where Are All The Good People?

Where Are All The Good People?


Have you heard people around you talking about labour shortage? Or noticed that restaurants and cafes seemed overwhelmed with customers and lack of staff to service everyone? Are there less people working at service staff? Is there a labour shortage? There were many requests for jobs previously during MCO, where are all these people now?



 You didn’t hear that wrong. It is not a dream or a rumour. We (as in Malaysia) are facing labour shortage issues, both locals and foreigners! Tedboy, who is also in the F&B industry, is not exempted from this! ;__;


So what actually happened?

People come and go. That’s the reality of things. As the industry opens, more job opportunities are available and most people are seeking better or different opportunities. Not only that, the reliance of the Malaysian service sector to foreign labour is apparent as Malaysia put on hold in hiring or allowing foreigners to work in our country. On the other note, they are Malaysians that have moved back to their own states as living costs in The City are getting higher and public transportation continues to be a challenge. If only our connectivity can be improved without a gap! 


Another trend we do observe is that the pandemic has allowed people to do flexible gig economy so technically, you can work today and not work tomorrow. It’s GREAT! On the other hand, if there is a way for senior citizens to get simple jobs that would also help them stay independent instead of relying on children, it would be even better. So many sad stories of abandoned old folks as their children no longer want to care for them in old age as they have become a burden.


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