Our First Appearance In An Anime Convention

Our First Appearance In An Anime Convention

2022 is the year where Tedboy aims to participate actively in events, bazaars and markets, to promote our  baked goods  and increase our brand awareness. When we saw an opportunity to be part of this niche community, we weren’t sure what to expect… so we signed up as a food vendor for Animangaki 2022, which was held in Mines Convention Centre (MIECC) from 27-28 August 2022.

It was an eye-opening experience!  Two of our colleagues are big fans of events like this, hence it became more fun and enjoyable! We set up our booth early on Saturday morning, and by noon, almost half of our baked goods were sold out! Even though we were tired, servicing the lovely and polite young visitors of the event, we were overjoyed when we sold out most of our baked goods for the first day. So we decided to revise our quantity for the final day.

It became apparent that the visitors and other vendors love our products because on day 2 we experienced similar events: our to-go sandwiches sold out within 2 hours of displaying them (even after we increased the quantity for day 2!), our baked goods dwindled by 4pm (mind you, the event finishes at 7pm), and our drinks? All gone–even our Lively Tea was distributed out completely!

Some really kind cosplayers helped to promote our booth, and we managed to take the opportunity to take some photos with them. They were King Angel and Zainal!. Their costumes were amazing! Zainal won third place in the cosplay competition.

Having our baked goods sold out 99.99% really gave the team a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction from being part of the event. Even though after the 2 days of slogging and hard work on our feet, everyone felt it was worth it. It felt great to have no food wastages after the event! Indeed it’s an eye opener for us that a massive crowd like this exists within the cosplay community and everyone of them is so nice and polite!

We thank you to all the amazing customers that dropped by our booth, we made a few friends and gained lots of wonderful memories.  We hope that you all enjoyed our selection of baked products!

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