Why Tedboy Wants You To Use Reusable Bags

Totebags have been around for many years, we just didn’t realise it as it appears in many other forms and materials. Our ancestors or grandparents have been using it for their morning grocery shopping, and the bags (more commonly known as ‘market basket’ during that time) were made of sturdier materials such as woven rattan, or recycled bamboo and more. During those times, these baskets are hard and not always easy to store. 

Did You Know?: You can still find these market baskets, handmade by the Penan community! If you would like to get one, check out http://penanwomenproject.org/. Not only you get beautiful market baskets, you are also supporting by empowering these women!


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Fast-forward to the current modern era. These days, we are more aware of our carbon footprints and the mountain-full of waste created daily with single-use plastic consumption that are harder to dispose off, recycled or degrade. Hence, more people are moving towards using reusable containers, bags, storage boxes and more.


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Parents or mothers especially, carry many items  when going out, and it is always convenient to ‘tote around’ a light-weight and easy-to-store- bag. Additionally, no one wants to pay additional RM0.20 for each plastic bag given out by retailers! As more stores and brands turn to less waste or zero waste, these totebags become a need for everyone to go about their daily lives. 


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Tedboy will always promote less waste, since day 1 of operations (about 7 years ago), we decided not to individually pack each bun and pastries with plastic (which is the norm of most bakeries) and seek to use paper bags to pack them even if cost was 10 times more! We even receive flak from customers that the bags get oily, why can’t we give out plastic etc but we kept to our promise of less plastic. Over the years as environmental awareness increases, we changed our straws to biodegradable sugar-cane material, use paper boxes and encourage the use of our Tedboy tumbler for hot drinks take-away.


As part of your daily groceries pitstop for fresh breads, pastries and more, Tedboy introduces our very own eco-friendly totebag to help you in your everyday activities–be it shopping for groceries, bring water tumbler or packed home-cooked food to work, keeping important items for your children and more. As it is light and foldable, you can keep it in your handbag or vehicle–just in case. It is also wash-able when dirty and reusable for any occasion (personal experience: to cover your salon-coiffed hair when it pours and there’s no umbrella in sight)! We want to continue encouraging our customers to use reusable containers when purchasing from our stores, hence with every takeaway purchase of our bakery goods using Tedboy’s totebag, we will be offering a 10% off* your purchase, applicable to normal-priced items only. (Terms and conditions apply).


Let’s make the step towards zero-waste in our community, and may we live a sustainable lifestyle that will eventually help save our Mother Earth :)


For more info on our Totebags, click here: Tedboy Totebag 
To know more about zero-waste lifestyle, you can follow this community group: Zero Waste Malaysia


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