Year of the Monkey is coming! Bring out the bananas!

Not sure when was it that time began to travel faster (we were not informed prior). It seemed just yesterday we were preparing for our Chinese New Year towers, and here we are another year later thinking of an improved version. In a case of sharpening the saw, we realized customers like our cookie tower idea! So we kept developing a spin to this idea. 


This year we wanted a more delicate look, in soft pink hues and a textured box material, hence the Spring Cookie Tower design was born. We also had matching ang pow packets designed to complement it. Free ang pow packets were given to our customer, much to their delights as some banks were cutting back on ang pow ‘allocation’ to customers.

With yummy flavours such as cranberry orange shortbread, chocolate chip sunflower, cornflakes raisin & classic peanut recipe, the tower was definitely a hit! Perfect as a gift to during house visiting, a customer apparently won the hearts of his soon-to-be in laws when he should up with 2 towers, 1 on each hand ☺

Happy Chinese New Year fellow Malaysians and here’s to a good year ahead!


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