3 Ways to Enjoy Croissant

Tedboy Bakery bakes one of the most amazing croissants you will ever taste. We use perfectly natural ingredients, all handmade by our group of dedicated bakers - from the dough to the oven. Well, we are here to tell you how to enjoy your croissant to its fullest.

Classic and Original

Eat it on its own. Pick up a butter croissant or a wholemeal croissant, and have it toasted lightly for the crispy mouthful of it - flaky but deliciously satisfying. Perfect with a cuppa joe (we recommend a Latte or Cappuccino to compliment the croissant).

Jam and Butter

Need some extra flavour? Enjoy your croissant with jam and butter. Eat it with your own hands - break the croissant and dab butter and jam on it before having a bite of it. Savour the crisp and the sweet from the jam. This is a wonderful combo for those who enjoy the finest things in life. In the afternoon, this will be perfect with a cup of tea.

Wonderful combo for those who enjoy the finest things in life!

Make it a sandwich

For the adventurous and those who enjoy life to its fullest! You can be experimental and pile up salad leaves, slices of tomatoes, boiled eggs or pickles - just about anything that you like! Chicken breast, smoked salmon or roast beef works well too if you crave for some protein. Top with a light mayonnaise or homemade honey mustard dressing to encapsulate the fullness of the ingredients into one wholesome croissant sandwich. Remember to toast your croissant first to get the crisp and warm sandwich!

Some people say: One is never enough, three is far too many. Well, our take on this is to always share because sharing is caring (plus you get to try a variety with the same amount of calories!)

So, how do you enjoy your croissant?

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