Recycling For A Better Cause

Recently the government has implemented a good move to promote recycling nationwide, whether commercial or residential areas. Most Malaysians still have some questions in their head on why and how to recycle, what to recycle and on waste separation. Here are some simple answers.

Why do we need to recycle? 

Recycling is the key to combat the ever-growing waste materials in the landfills and dump sites, especially for a high growth economy like Malaysia. We recycle for energy-saving purpose and environmental benefits (reduce air and water pollution). Many companies have started a “No Plastic Bag” day as well as use recyclable packaging for their products.

Starting January 1st, consumers will have to bring their own shopping bags as Malacca state government declares a total ban on plastic bags made from petroleum by-products at all supermarkets and shopping malls.

What can we recycle? 

Almost everything in our daily use can be recycled, as most of our product packaging comes from these groups: Plastic, Paper, Aluminum Cans/Steel/Metal as well as Glass/Ceramic, Fabric and Electronic Waste. Others would be furniture (bulky waste) and Garden/Farm Waste. None recyclable are perishable items and contaminated materials. This can be grouped into: Kitchen Waste, Food Waste, Contaminated Materials and Disposal Diapers.


How can we recycle?

As KPKT (Kementerian Kesejahteraan Bandar, Perumahan & Kerajaan Tempatan) has gone an extra mile to collect recyclable items, we are encouraged to separate our waste according to types and place the recyclable items next to the garbage bin on our residential/commercial allocated collection day.

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Waste:

  1. Bring reusable bags and containers when shopping or packing lunch. Most stores now sell reusable bags to encourage public to use less of plastic bags. Tiffin carriers and food-safe plastic containers can be used for your take-away meals.
  2. Reduce the amount of mail you receive in your mailbox. As much as we do like to receive our monthly statement in our mailbox, most banks and companies are going towards the digital era, where all your bills and statements can be viewed via online account. Opt for an online statement rather than a printed one (that involves a letter and envelope, both involves usage of paper and printing ink)
  3. Avoid purchasing individually wrapped items such as snack packs and single-serve containers. Buy large containers or from bulk bins, whenever possible. Be aware of double packaging - some “bulk packages” have individually wrapped items in it, and this means more use of plastic or paper packaging!
  4. Buy items and products made of recycled (and recyclable) content, so you can use and reuse them, as well as recycle them. For instance, in office, whenever possible, use both sides of an A4 paper before discarding it to the bin (paper waste bin).
  5. Buy all-purpose household products instead of buying many different ones for each cleaning role. In supermarkets, you can find multi-purpose products or detergents for cleaning, in one packaging and this can save not only the environment but also your spending.

Tedboy Bakery and Recycling

We, at Tedboy, try our very best to pack our products in recyclable or reusable and environmental friendly packaging - such as paper bags and glass jars. We encourage our customers to bring their own grocery bags, to avoid having us provide a plastic bag. Our reusable bags can be bought upon request. We are more than happy to serve when our customers come in their own food containers to pack take-aways. We also support when customers bring their own travel-mugs (such as KeepCup) when they take-away their hot beverages.

Besides that our kitchen and outlets have their own bins to separate waste (such as paper and plastic) for recycling purposes. Our packaging is made of environmental friendly materials, as well as reusable and recyclable materials, as we believe that every step in preserving Mother Nature is a good effort.

If you’re keen to learn more about recycling, check out the links below:



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