About Breast Cancer

Do you know what is breast cancer and how does it affect you?

Breast cancer is the main causes of death among women, and it is more common in women than men. Yes, breast cancer does affect men as well, just at a lower percentage rate. About 1 in 20 women are at risk for breast cancer. 


What is breast cancer?

A cell that grows abnormally is considered a cancer cell, and that if this cancer cell is located at any part of the breast, it is called breast cancer. Did you know that cancers are able to fool our immune system into thinking its cells are just like the rest of our normal cells, hence it can grow unchallenged? And if we ourselves do not take any action to be proactive at understanding and observing our own bodies, we may not be able to detect it as well! 

Like many other cancer, breast cancer which starts at any part of the breasts, can spread to other parts of the body. This can cause new tumors to grow in organs. Many patients only detected breast cancer when it has reached a serious stage or that the cancer has spread. Most women who get breast cancer actually do not have a family history of the disease, but a first-degree relative with breast cancer will double up the a woman’s risk.



Hence, one should be responsible in checking his/her own breast for any bumps, lumps or changes; to be aware of any other physical condition that is unusual, and to seek medical attention for advice and treatment.

Our founder-director Ms Patrina Tang has a close relative that is a breast cancer survivor. Here is what she has to say about the cancer, how it affects the family, and being strong in going through this:


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My aunt *Lily who is almost like our mom, after my mom passed on, developed breast cancer at the age of 50. At that age, any woman that gets such diagnosis news will just crumble, what more with a close relative’s passing not too long ago. 

However, Aunt Lily was determined to be a survivor from Day 1. She did all the necessary checks and evaluated the available options. Despite not having the highest of education, I am thankful she listened to the oncologists as well as breast surgeon, and did not take the alternative or traditional/holistic approach to the cancer, which will actually make the progression of disease much quicker and at a more serious stage to enable any treatment. 

Braving through mastectomy, she also went through radiotherapy and chemotherapy for close to 8 months. Hair loss, severe nausea and severe low white blood count meant she had to stay home most of the time and avoid crowded areas. Special wig and bras had to be custom-made and fitted to make her feel normal again. 

After the tough regime, she was on hormonal therapy for 5 years, to lower the amount of hormone estrogen in the boy as well as reduce any breast cancer cells from returning (Did you know breast cancer cells feed on estrogen?). 

Until today (she has passed the “CURE” mark of 10 years survival!), she still does yearly blood test and has kept her diet regime consistent all these years. After all these challenges, without ever seeing her give up or whine when the journey was hard. And it is hard, because I saw it through my mother. Despite her treatment, she still had time to care for us and her own family. 

If that doesn’t inspire anyone, I don’t know what else would! - Patrina

*Not real name


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