Difference between Caramel, Butterscotch & Toffee

Aiyo, all also look the same, you sure it’s not the same?

Well, almost! All three are made using sugar and butter, but small differences in the creation process makes each of it unique!

Plain caramel is made with white granulated sugar. Mix and heat water, sugar, and corn syrup together, and boil it till the syrup turns golden brown… and hold on, add butter, cream, and vanilla syrup to be heated again... and now you got yourself caramel! 

Now, what about butterscotch? It is made with butter? Yes! Not only that, butterscotch is made with brown sugar (here is the unique difference!) melted with butter. The cream is added after the mixture becomes liquid, and then boiled till the optimal temperature. 

Why is it called “Butterscotch”? Originally it was a hard candy, and the word ‘scotch’ is related to the method of cutting in which the candy is “scotched” (scored) so that the candy is easier to break or cut into clean pieces.

Then toffee is made with coffee?


It is said that the word toffee originated from the native Creole language, meaning ‘a mixture of molasses and sugar’. Some say that the word toffee comes from the words “toughy” or “tuffy” which meant chewy and tough. Regardless, it’s still one of our favorite candy! Toffee is created in the same way as caramel but cooked longer until it hardens and becomes brittle, meaning there is a 99% sugar concentration. It then becomes the hard candy that you enjoy today!

So, which one can we use to make desserts?

All three taste amazing and very versatile! You can use it in many different (and delicious) ways such as in brownies and cookies. They can each be substituted with one another, as long as the consistency is maintained. 

Here is what Tedboy created with caramel and butterscotch:


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Not only can we make desserts, we can make them into drinks! This new flavor of our Butterscotch Frappe: ice-blended drink will definitely give you a sweet drink that will last you throughout the day. Try them at selected Tedboy outlets today!


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