3 Tips on How to Keep Your Cakes Fresh

3 Tips on How to Keep Your Cakes Fresh

Your cake order just got delivered! But the event has been pushed to tomorrow… how now? Don’t worry, you don't need to be an expert to learn how to store your cake at home and to maintain its freshness. From cakes to cupcakes, your delectables can certainly last longer than they would if you follow these simple steps!

Store in the refrigerator

Hold up! Before you do so, you’ll need to know what type of cake that you are trying to keep. If it contains dairy products such as fresh cream, fresh fruit filling or it is cheese-based, it should go into the refrigerator. For best results, do not place the cake directly above the refrigerator’s cooling coils, best kept away from the cooling coils as the dessert shouldn’t become too cold (it can spoil!). Keeping cake in a closed container can maintain the moisture better in a refrigerator.

Freeze it!

Freezing a cake can allow the cake to last up to 3 months (especially if it is uncut!). Do remember to wrap the cake before putting it into the freezer to prevent seeping of smell from other products (such as meat products), even better if you can separate the freezer compartment from different kinds of products.

Do note that cakes decorated with cream or whipping cream do not freeze well, hence we recommend only to freeze butter cakes or non-decorated cakes!

Before that….Wrap the cake

Be sure to wrap the cake properly and tightly with plastic wrap or aluminium foil before storing it in the refrigerator or freezer. For added security, you can place the wrapped cake into an airtight container, however do leave a tiny gap open on the cover of the container.

You can try these steps at home, however we always recommend you to eat it as soon as possible by sharing with friends and family. Fresh cream or Fresh fruits products are usually very temperature sensitive. Luckily, cakes usually get gobbled up in no time versus eating vegetables!

Disclaimer: Tedboy always recommends our customers to consume our cakes within 24 hours to ensure that the quality will not be compromised. Extending the cake shelf life after purchase will be at your own discretion and risk, and Tedboy will not be responsible for any issues with the cake. Tedboy prides ourselves on baking with non-preservatives and no added flavourings, hence our cakes may not last as long as commercial ones (the ones you buy at large-chain bakeries or supermarkets) that could possibly have added preservatives to keep it looking good even past its due date.

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