Eliminating the Middle Man

Coffee is a common beverage nowadays and some people might treat it more than just a caffeinated drink. Coffee means different things to different people, some equate it to relaxation, a sense of maturity (an adult drink!) or an energy-booster to get through work. 

In Malaysia we have many types of coffee, the kopi-tiam Hainan Kopi Kaw, the instant 3-in-1s or the crafted specialty coffee at independant cafe stores. As a coffee drinker, have you ever thought about what goes into the cost of your coffee, from the bean to a cup?


As a coffee lover or a coffee connoisseur (read: expert barista or roaster), you might know about the Fair Trade Coffee, which cut offs the Middle Person that is selling higher market price for the green beans they get from farmers who are not knowledgeable of the market and demand for their produce.  These farmers are selling way lower for their beans than what it is worth in the current market. Meanwhile, the buyers need to pay a higher price due to the middleman who will be earning more profit between the transactions. 


By eliminating the middleman, coffee farmers and buyers both ultimately get more value and build better relationships and trust. 


Coffex Coffee says:

We only insist on partnering certified Fair Trade Cooperatives from developing countries where produce is farmed without the use of pesticides and synthetic chemicals.

Fairtrade helps small-scale coffee farmers to achieve a better quality of life and ensure the long-term sustainability of their farm, family and community. Our commitment to our growers guarantees we always pay a fair price to them, and receive the finest 100% Fairtrade and Organic Certified Arabica coffee beans. 


One of our coffee suppliers Coffex Coffee who is a big coffee roaster in Malaysia  practice fair trade and plays a serious social responsible role in today’s coffee industry. In partnership with Coffex, we introduce our new variety: T-REX Coffee Bean (origins of Brazil, Guatemala and Papua New Guinea) in our outlet, currently only available at EQ Plaza and exclusive to Tedboy. 


Lastly, Tedboy would like to encourage all our consumers to buy Fair Trade products as it promotes sustainability and transparency in the coffee industry. From now on, every time you have your cuppa Joe from Tedboy, know that the farmer who laboured in producing the beans are happy and smiling because your support!



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