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In the recent week before Merdeka, we created our first “Parenting with Zentangle” programme, aimed to nurture the bond between parents and their children. We decided that Zentangle can help us improve our relationship with our children through a modern and easy approach of abstract drawing, as well as discover our children’s artistic talent (if we have not).


“This new method of drawing could also be an eye opener for parents to nurture and enhance their children’s artistic talent.”

- Patrina, co-founder of Tedboy Bakery

On the day of the programme, Tedboy Bakery at Telawi was greeted with excited families, anxious for Teacher Ivy to start the day’s activity. We kicked off with a brief introduction to KetchUp Community, the social community platform for Café Social Spaces, insights on Tedboy Bakery’s vision and mission by founders Edward and Patrina (accompanied by shy Ted Boy) and finally, Teacher Ivy’s introduction to Zentangle Art - an art of zen and ‘tangle’.

It was indeed a lively atmosphere with more than 10 children and their parents. As the event progressed, Tedboy Bakery space became peaceful and quiet, except for the sound of pencils scratching on textured paper. We found all participants and their little ones highly focused on creating their own tangle under the guidance of Teacher Ivy. Some children were actively engaged with their parents for opinions on the colour choices and design.

This is indeed an interesting art form, to draw attention and focus of a parent - to put behind their busy working lifestyle, and enjoy the process of creating with their children. Some children are below the age of 5 and still able to participate in the art creation! Zentangle is truly an art form that appeals across all ages. Based on our quick ask-around, all participants are happy with the time spent with their children, and find that the program is unique and bring positive values into their family bonding.

Family togetherness has always been the core of Tedboy Bakery.

When was the last time you spent some quality family time without the interruption of modern technology?

Photo by kaki.sini.com.my
Photo by Kaki.sini.my

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