Tedboy's Buka Puasa 2016

It is the time of the year again to celebrate one of the largest festival season in Malaysia!

It is the month of Ramadhan where Muslims worldwide observed it as a month of fasting. It is an obligation for all adult Muslims to fast, except those with selected situations such as pregnancy or illness. Some say that it is a learning curve for us too, to understand about the less fortunate that have little to none to eat and drink, and take action towards it such as charitable work.

This year, founders Edward and Patrina organised a small Tedboy family get-together for Buka Puasa at one of our newly established Tedboy Express at Jalan Sultan Ismail. The catering was by an external party, and the food was absolutely delicious! They do have a good eye (in this case, good taste) in amazingly good food. Tedboy staffs and colleagues from the office, outlet crew, bakers and chefs all gathered together to break fast, with both family and friends. Most of us brought our family together to enjoy the buffet spread and get to know each other. Laughter of children filled the outlet, as their parents chatter in the background with co-workers.

We were served with a variety of kerabu (we call it the traditional Malay version of salad) and a line of buffet spread filled with sumptuous selection of savoury local delights. Everyone enjoyed the food and company of family and friends, and we finished with no wastage of food, as staff were encouraged to pack home some.


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