Smooshie and Tedboy Bakery


In the past years, we don’t question where the juices come from, how the juices were made and do these producers add anything else in the bottled juice itself? We see many bottled and packaged juices that says: “No Added Sugar”, “100% Natural”, “Made from 100% Juice” or “100% Vitamin C”. Yet, these juices can be extremely sweet and have an amazing long shelf-life, especially the ones found in big chain supermarkets or convenience stores.

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So the question is, how natural is “100% natural”? How much real fruit is in “100% Juice”? We don’t know either, and we can’t speak for other juice producers and suppliers. The world is changing, more and more people are becoming health concious, and very particular into what goes into their food (and body). More people are aware of the negative effects of taking too much sugar, looking into details of the packaging and ingredients of the product, as well as where the product comes from.

Looking for the perfect juice producer is not easy for us, especially one that fit into our Tedboy Bakery brand that believes and strictly enforces no preservaties and artificial flavourings or colourings. That was when we stumbled across Smooshie Juice.

Now, before we go into details on how our partnership works with Smooshie, we are unfortunate to not be able to produce large quantities of bottled juices with our own recipe, within our kitchen. We do not have proper equipments and facilities, as well as manpower to do so. So we decided to turn to Smooshie, to help us produce our recipe, and they have the ability to maintain the quality and standards that we required from them.

Here is brief insight of Smooshie Juices by their founders, Lin Lee & Wan Chiun, juice and personal thoughts:

  1. When and how did Smooshie came to be?

    Six years ago, pure bottled juices were hard to come by, and the market was mostly swamped with unhealthy sugar laden drinks. That was when, two high school friends decided to venture into the unknown world of producing juices. That was when Smooshie Juice was born.

  2. Tell us about Smooshie–mission, goals, vision.

    To make pure, healthy and delicious juices more readily available in Malaysia.

  3. Where does your fruits and vegetables (ingredients supply) come from?

    Being a purely Malaysian brand, we believe in showcasing as many local produce as possible. For example, our passionfruits come from a farm in Negeri Sembilan, and our delicious dragonfruits are sourced from an organic farm in Tampin, Melaka.

  4. What is special or unique about Smooshie Juices, compared to other commercial brand bottled or packaged juices?
    Smooshie Juices are made purely from 100% fruit and vegetable, with nothing artificial added – no preservatives, sugar, flavouring or concentrates, and they come in very unique flavours that are carefully concocted.

  5. What are the preceptions of bottled or packaged juices?
    High in sugar, laden with preservatives and artificial additives. This is true for some pacakged beverages, but consumers are becoming more aware and educated and are able make more healthy and educated decisions when picking up a product nowadays.

  6. As more people learn about benefits of having juices, tell us what are the biggest mistake(s) that consumer usually make when buying bottled/packaged juice off the shelf?

    They don’t read the labels and ask enough questions. There are so many variaties of juices out there- take a simple bottle/carton of ‘Orange Juice’ for example. Some of the questions consumers should be asking are such as: How is it treated (UHT/Cold-Pressed/Lightly Pasteurised)? Is it made from Concentrates? Does it have added preservatives, colouring or processed sugar?

  7. Where do you see Smooshie in 5 years to come, and what are your thoughts on future market changes or consumer insight about juice consumption in Malaysia?

    We hope to be doing what we are doing today- encouraging and educating Malaysians on the benefits of healthy eating/drinking and churning out healthy and yummy Smooshie Juices for all to enjoy, The trend is picking up with more and more juice brands popping up all over the country. This can only be a positive thing for all of us!

For more info about Smooshie Juice, you can find them here: Smooshie Juice

Smooshie Juices have been producing Tedboy Bakery’s very own recipe of juices to cater to our healthy and active customer lifestyle. We stand proud with our bottled juices–100% Natural, No Added Sugar and 100% Preservative Free. We highly suggest to consume the juice within 24 hours once open to ensure freshness and quality of the juice.

Have you not tried our juices, we have 4 different flavours: Oozy Orange (Mango & Orange), Red Dragon (Dragon Fruit & Apple), The O.J. (Exactly 3 whole Oranges) and Green Mint (Kiwi, Apple, Pineapple & Mint Leaf). All our juices are best taken when shaken to the core!

All Tedboy Bakery juices are available at all Tedboy Bakery and Tedboy Express outlets.