Tips To Combat Haze

Source: MalayMail.com

Over the past few weeks, the haze index in Malaysia is on a rise, nearly making visibility a problem daily. According to the Department of Environment's Air Pollutant Index (API), the highest reading of entire nation for last few days were registered at Rompin, Pahang (224), following by Johan Setia Klang, Selangor (198), and Nilai, Negeri Sembilan (161). Kuala Lumpur, our biggest city in Malaysia with a population 7.2 million, recorded an API of (137 to 160) are considered reaching an unhealthy range.  

Simply put, we all need to stay hydrated and healthy to beat the haze. We have marked down 7 tips for you to protect yourself from this dangerous polluted air. 


1. Stay Indoors

Avoid outdoor activities as much as possible. It's best to stay indoor when the air outside is not fresh for our breathing. Suggest to go out if it's only an absolute neccessity.  


2. Use Air Purifier

At home or office, you may use air purifier to maintain the air quality of indoors.



3.Wear a N95 Mask

Remember to wear a N95 mask when you need to go outdoor, the respiratory mask can help filter out airborne particles from the air that you are going to inhale. Also, remember that a surgical mask will not be of much help in this situation. So, don’t compromise and buy a proper mask.


4. Increase Water Intake

Most importantly, drink more clean water as much as you can. It helps our kidneys flush away the toxins that we accidentally inhaled and keep body hydrated throughout the day.


5. Consume some fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Increase taking of immunity boosting foods, such as apple and cucumber. Make sure to wash the raw foods well before you eat them. Did you know what Tedboy also serves freshly made salad that you can get from our stores or order online?


6. Wash Hands and Face oftenly

Be more diligent to wash your hands and face before having a meal or as soon as you are home! This helps to minimize any infections and pollution levels in your place.



7. Visit a Doctor

Do not overlook any body symptoms. Visit a doctor as soon as possible when you are suffering from breathing or other health issues. Your doctor will advise you properly. 


We hope that you will take good care of your health by taking action and following the simple steps above as this dangerous haze "season" seems to be a yearly event, and our air keeps getting dipolluted from many other sources and factors well.







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