Another Day to Live

Another Day to Live

Three months ago, we started this small initiative on our very own, donating loaves of bread to selected locations– Hospital Sg Buloh, the very hospital that becomes the main Covid19-fighting center as our founder knew some healthcare workers there personally and are saddened by the long hours and time away from their family to save fellow Malaysians. This initiative eventually spread out to two other communities in need: Lembah Pantai and Segambut. We chose these 2 locations as Tedboy is present here and wish to do our part to help the needy that really can’t go on another day without support. Food is a basic necessity that we sometimes take for granted.


This initiative was initially supported by family members and friends, however we know that alone is not enough to support the demand of the frontliners and residents, so we opened up the donation to anyone that would like to contribute and play a small role in this initiative. Word spread to our suppliers who decided to donate essentials together with our bread loaves such as butter, adult milk, cheese and more. Our exclusive partner GoGet decided to lend their helping hand in the logistic area of delivering these items to the people in need.


To date, we have contributed a total of 21,240 whole loaves of bread.

As more sectors of industry open and more people are fully vaccinated, almost everyone is back at work with this new normalcy. Businesses are picking up, new businesses (home-grown or alike) are beginning to flourish, things are looking brighter this time around. With that, we decided it is time to prioritise and focus on our people’s welfare and the business that keeps them afloat.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners:


And all the individual donors that contributed to the cause! Without you, this would not happen! We didn’t expect our donation drive to grow, that it became our driving force to survive this pandemic together. Like many other businesses, we ourselves are struggling, but we see the need to contribute and give back to society no matter how big or small. We thank you for your kindness and generosity in taking part in this.


We may not have reached out to everyone in other communities, however we hope that with our best effort and abilities, whoever we manage to reach out to, we have helped them in any way possible: some food for the family. We hope the new month moving forward will bring brighter days and more positive news ahead. 



Take care and stay safe!



Review our deliveries through this gallery of photos of happy faces:


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