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Top 10 Best Tedboy Catering Boxes available in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor
Top 10 Best Tedboy Catering Boxes available in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Tedboy Catering Boxes are the perfect way to make any event or gathering special. With a variety of canapé options and 5 star quality, you can't go wrong with these delicious and creative offerings. From classic canapé, sweet and savoury treats like croissants sandwiches, cakes, quiches and danish to more modern options like burgers, petite bites and yummy desserts, there is something for everyone! Here are the top 10 bestsellers from Tedboy that will make your next event a hit!

Mini Butter Croissant Sandwich Catering Box

Mini Fruit Tartlets Catering Box

Mini Cakes Catering Box

Mini Quiches Catering Box

Mini Danish Catering Box

BBQ Chicken, Egg Mayo & Tuna Mayo Sandwiches Catering Box

Grilled Chicken & Tuna Mayo Sandwiches Catering Box

Bihun Goreng Ayam Catering Tray

Mini Burgers Catering Box

Tomato Bruschetta Catering Box

TEDBOY Celebrates A Decade of Baking From Scratch
TEDBOY Celebrates A Decade of Baking From Scratch

TEDBOY, the well-known Malaysian-based bakery and café is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, “A Decade of Brand Promise” this year. Established in 2012, TEDBOY has since grown to become one of the most popular bakeries in Malaysia. TEDBOY's success is a testament to its commitment to transparency, accountability, and focus on feeding better food to Malaysian families.

Cows on Strike? 🐄🐄🐄
Cows on Strike? 🐄🐄🐄

If you are a frequent visitor to local bakeries, have you noticed that some cakes and pastries have increased in price? You are not imagining things! Indeed one of baked products' core ingredients is lacking in supply hence the price hike, even more so as we enter the holiday season!

The Spooky Time OF The Year! 👣👻
The Spooky Time OF The Year! 👣👻

The spookiest time of the year has arrived! Ghouls, goblins, and witches to the front, please! It’s time to pull some (harmless, of course) pranks and gear up for a trick or treat.

Where Are All The Good People?
Where Are All The Good People?

Have you heard people around you talking about labour shortage? Or noticed that restaurants and cafes seemed overwhelmed with customers and lack of staff to service everyone? Are there less people working at service staff? Is there a labour shortage? There were many requests for jobs previously during MCO, where are all these people now?

Our First Appearance In An Anime Convention
Our First Appearance In An Anime Convention

2022 is the year where Tedboy aims to participate actively in events, bazaars and markets, to promote our  baked goods  and increase our brand awareness. When we saw an opportunity to be part of this niche community, we weren’t sure what to expect… so we signed up as a food vendor for Animangaki 2022, which was held in Mines Convention Centre (MIECC) from 27-28 August 2022.

We Love You Dad!
We Love You Dad!

“Dear Dad,

Making you smile is the best thing ever to happen in my life. Thank you for always being there for us and always giving us the best of you no matter how hard we can be. Love you my forever hero!”

Being a father means a lot of things. From being a source of strength to a shield for their families ensuring that they are protected and live well . For some single fathers, taking care of their kids alone must be really tough. Hats up to you guys!

A father’s love is not any lesser than a mother’s love. 

Coming up with a creative father’s day message or saying can be pretty challenging especially if you're the type of person who is more of taking action than saying the right words (sometimes you need a good word for someone special 😂) . Don’t worry, we got you covered! 


Here are some ideas that are simple yet meaningful. (See more HERE)

  • So thankful that I have a wonderful dad!

  • When you’re down, a father is the one you count on

  • Happy fathers day to the man who taught me that hard work and sacrifice pay off. I love you pops.

  • Thank God! You’re my Dad.

  • My dad is an amazing influence who has taught me everything I know. Happy Father’s Day.

  • The best part of having kids was getting you as a father

  • Hey Dad! I’m grateful to be your kid.


Do you have any plans to celebrate Father’s Day? Treat your dad on this special day with Tedboy.


Introducing our new cake specially made for the upcoming Father’s Day. Spoil your Dad with the rich taste of chocolate and mashed bananas in a cake will melt all the tiredness away and leave you with a really sweet smile😉

Available now, so click here to order

Why not pair some of our best baked goods selections with this delicious cake? Or our hot foods as a main course to complete it as a meal? Celebrate this wonderful day with ease. Order jer! Plan Your Celebration Today



Selamat Hari Guru!
Selamat Hari Guru!

Selamat Hari Guru!

Selamat menyambut Hari Guru buat semua insan yang bergelar pendidik! Hari Guru disambut setiap tahun pada tanggal 16 Mei di Malaysia bagi memperingati jasa guru-guru kita dalam mendidik anak bangsa. 

Kalau di sekolah dulu kan, mesti ada sambutan sempena hari guru. Bila teringat semula, suasana menyambut hari guru dimulakan dengan perhimpunan, ucapan khas dan juga persembahan dari pelajar2 buat guru yang tersayang. Eh tak lupa juga dengan gerai2 jualan yang memeriahkan lagi suasana! 

Lagi satu perkara yang menjadi keperluan buat hari ini adalah HADIAH!!. Antara hadiah yang biasa diberikan buat guru tersayang:

  1. Mug dan tumbler

  2. Jambangan bunga

  3. Coklat

  4. Bingkai gambar 

  5. Kek dan manisan

  6. Buku nota

  7. Kad DIY

Serikan hari istimewa ini dengan pelbagai hadiah dari Tedboy!

Pelbagai jenis kek untuk dipilih (klik sini)


Takkan kek sahaja kan? Apa kata serikan dengan bunga-bunga segar untuk dipadankan sekali. (klik sini)


Selain itu, padankan dengan hadiah yang boleh disimpan sebagai kenangan atau sebagai hadiah yang praktikal. Contohnya mug dan juga tumbler (klik sini)


Apakah kenangan manis anda zaman sekolah dulu? Ingat lagi tak guru yang paling spesel tu, dimana tanpa dia tiadalah kejayaan anda hari ini. Kalau ingat, cepat-cepat order, nanti tak kalut :D.

(p/s: siapa yang tak suka surprise kan!)