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A year of change - World Meat Free Week
A year of change - World Meat Free Week

Year 2020 is the year of change for everyone. Why do we say so? With the emergence of a new virus Covid-19, more people are starting to change their lifestyle and diet to have healthier hopes for a longer and better quality of life.

Express Simple Gratitude Through Flowers
Express Simple Gratitude Through Flowers

We have been seeing many of our customers sending birthday cakes, sweet and savoury desserts to their loved ones as a surprise. So why not add more surprises to the delivery? Flowers would be perfect for birthdays and anniversaries, so we partnered with 50Gram to deliver joy and happiness straight to your doorstep.

Shelters for the Underprivileged Children

Tedboy collaborates and works with various non-profit organizations and most of these organisations help the poor, and/or underprivileged children. One of these organizations that we would like to highlight is SHELTER Home for the Children.
'Tis the season to be jolly!

We hope you have a happy Christmas this year. Tedboy team has something to share with you! Read to find out more.
A simple appetizer with Olive Oil

One of the healthiest diets in the world is also the most delicious. This recipe, bread dipping in olive oil is inspired by the Mediterranean dish. Read more to find out how amazing it is!

New outlet at Standard Chartered Bank, PJ New Town

Tedboy proudly presents to you our second integrated cafe banking branch at Standard Chartered Bank, PJ New Town. We recently opened in mid of August this year, with a lot of hard work and back and forth meetings to make sure that all is smooth during the soft launch. We are so glad that everything went well on the opening day.

Is Matcha Really Healthy?

What we are talking about is… Matcha! The most talked about and can be made into (almost!) everything such as cakes, pastries and delicious beverages. But what is Matcha? Is it the same as green tea we drink everyday?

Difference between Caramel, Butterscotch & Toffee

Aiyo, all also look the same, you sure it’s not the same? Well, almost! All three are made using sugar and butter, but small differences in the creation process makes each of it unique!