TedboyCooks Open Day 2017

Families with kids aged 4 to 6 years old, got to enjoy the cooking and baking sessions with Tedboy Bakery’s team of chefs and kitchen helpers in making sandwiches, decorating cookies and rolling their own sushi from scratch. Besides that, the kids also got to take part in assembling a large Malaysia flag by decorating cookies with coloured icing sugar, in conjunction with Malaysia Day.
The Love For Books

Electronic books, or ebooks, are more portable than their paper siblings, and capable of being carried in hundreds on a single electronic device. Thousands more are just a click away. It can be debated that ebooks are more robust than paper books: an ebook reader can be stolen or dropped in the bath, but the books in it are stored safely in the Cloud, waiting to be downloaded onto a new device, just like our thousand of contacts in mobile phone. Who else remembers the good old days of writing down phone numbers in a little book, to be referenced daily, flipping through the pages? Just us?
Top 5 Ways to Enjoy German Rye

Rye bread isn’t a very popular choice among Malaysians, as we are so used to commercial white bread or wholemeal loaves bought from supermarkets. If it is your first time trying rye bread, you may find it unpleasant due to its strong flavour. Find out how to enjoy rye bread in delicious ways!
Our Mission with Charitable Organisations

Our founders, Edward and Patrina, are both blessed with a kind soul and have a heart of giving. We have never turned down an opportunity to give back to our society, and we all have a soft heart for the poor, the needy and especially children. Why? Because Tedboy Bakery is built from a foundation of love of a wonderful family with, and for their children.
Can You Smell What Tedboy Is Cooking?

Recently we had our very first TedboyCooks Open Day on 21st May 2017 at our Tedboy Bakery in The School Jaya One outlet. The respond and sign-ups were overwhelming with interested parents and excited kids, who couldn’t wait to participate in our series of cooking and baking classes!
All about Nasi Kerabu
Oh, we do love to eat, don’t we? Malaysia is the definitely one of the best place to be during this Ramadhan month–night markets, eateries with the month’s specials, new food items, and especially the many Bazaar Ramadhan that we get to go to! Yums!
Nuts about Coconuts
Coconut water is an ideal drink to promote weight loss as it is low in calories and easy on the stomach. Refreshing, light and a definite delicious thirst quencher for a hot day, coconut water has a sweet nutty taste. Are you a coconut fan? This is for you!
Our Team is Bursting with Creativity
Recently we have been flooded with enquiries and requests to use our venue as a private event space, to the point we are *almost* unable to keep up with our monthly posting for our blogs. We have been happy to be hosting birthday parties (both adults and children) within our outlets as well as on-site catering for corporate events and meetings.