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Tedboy gets JAKIM’s Halal Cert

We proudly announce to you that we have recently received halal certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM)! It was a gruelling process, with all departments involved, we can now present to you our Halal-Certified Central Kitchen, located at Petaling Jaya.
Not your average Vanilla

Baker's first lover, Vanilla. Everything goes well with Vanilla. It is the most basic ingredient in baking and cooking. One drop of vanilla extract, here. One drop of vanilla extract there. Voila! A beautiful dish.
Living behind the mask - Is it over yet?

We’ve been living in normality for ages and this minute size (somewhere around 65–125 nm in diameter) virus changed everything. On the 7th of June, our Prime Minister announced that Malaysia will be under Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). Which means, we’re going to have a glimpse of freedom again (Yes!)
Gluten Free Delight

We at Tedboy constantly receive inquiries and suggestions that we should be making gluten-free products (bread and cakes) as there are customers who are gluten intolerant, or know someone who is on a gluten-free diet. So what is this about? Is it an allergy or just a preference in their daily diet?
Appreciating Our Heroes with Uniqbe Group of Companies & Close Friends

During these uncertain times, the pandemic has truly pushed the world towards uncharted territories. From the initial feeling of shock when MCO took place to now being extended for 9 weeks (and counting), many of us have adopted the "New Norm", making use of what we have now to get through the day-to-day to flatten the curve of the virus.
Thank You, Frontliners!

As a thank you for their relentless efforts and dedication, Tedboy partnering with Prima Flour, Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia-Brunei and Tedboy's family and friends, started delivering our bread loaves to all hospital staffs in Hospital Sg Buloh. We will be doing this on alternate days for two weeks.

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women - while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender equality.
Green Packaging And Alternatives

Nowadays, most packaging consists mostly or partially of plastic as it’s both impermeable to water and lasts a long time. Adding to the fact that it’s cheap and easily mass produced resulted in many production companies utilising it in their products. As a result of that, it has become one the largest contributing factor of environmental pollution, from our jungles to the ocean traces of litter and plastic can be seen, even in secluded areas where there is little to no human traffic.