Our Team is Bursting with Creativity
Recently we have been flooded with enquiries and requests to use our venue as a private event space, to the point we are *almost* unable to keep up with our monthly posting for our blogs. We have been happy to be hosting birthday parties (both adults and children) within our outlets as well as on-site catering for corporate events and meetings.
Tedboy Launches New Branch in Jaya One
Continuing on their success since July 2012, Tedboy Bakery officially launched their second café-restaurant branch today. This will be founders Edward Tan and Patrina Tang’s first bakery branch in Selangor, choosing The School, Jaya One in Petaling Jaya as their location.
Sourdough Your Life
It is not a cultural norm for Malaysians to enjoy European bread as we are so used to our Asian delicious biscuits that bread is not (yet) a staple food (because, you know that rice is). Sourdough is basically made with basic ingredients of flour, water, sourdough culture and salt; naturally fermenting the dough (in short: bacteria + yeast), hence it has a mildly sour taste to it.
Trick-or-treat! Ted's first Halloween experience
As for Ted the boy, this year is his first Halloween party experience. It was conducted in a cosy residential area and everyone was all dressed up for the occasion (except Ted). The amount of effort put into decorating houses and gardens was amazing!
Global Movement Against Hunger and Poverty
When camp leaders of 30-Hour Famine approached Tedboy Bakery, as a place that serves wholesome nutritious and healthy food, to provide food to the participants of this global movement, we are all for it! This event ties with Tedboy’s believe that a piece of bread can be so much more than just a piece of bread. HUNGER MUST GO.
3 Ways to Enjoy Croissant
Tedboy Bakery bakes one of the most amazing croissants you will ever taste. We use perfectly natural ingredients, all handmade by our group of dedicated bakers. Find out how to enjoy our croissants anywhere, anytime!
Recycling For A Better Cause
Recently the government has implemented a good move to promote recycling nationwide, whether commercial or residential areas. Most Malaysians still have some questions in their head on why and how to recycle, what to recycle and on waste separation. Here are some simple answers.
Exploration with Zentangle
This is indeed an interesting art form, to draw attention and focus of a parent - to put behind their busy working lifestyle, and enjoy the process of creating with their children. Some children are below the age of 5 and still able to participate in the art creation! Zentangle is truly an art form that appeals across all ages.